The Caira values spring from the pure, beautiful, and clean nature that surrounds our daily lives and influences who we are. We genuinely believe that nature, as well as the people and animals that live in it, will thrive if they are allowed to be as they are.

It is this purity, naturalness, and harmony that we wish to nurture and respect. With the biggest hearts, we strive for the smallest possible ecological footprint.

The material for our products come from responsibly grown forests. We strive to honor the methods of traditional craftsmanship and employ people with a wealth of experience. Despite this, we also employ partly incapacitated and young workers, without sacrificing quality.

Responsibility, reliability, tolerance, and humanity are values that are present in our daily lives – always. We sincerely believe there is demand for products of high ethical and ecological value. With our actions and behavior, we wish to have a positive impact on people and nature, now and in the future.


Finland is the most wooded country in Europe. Our company name Caira stems from the forest. The Finnish word Kaira refers to the uninhabited woodland especially abundant in Finnish Lapland and its highlands.

There, you can see northern lights dancing in the sky or reindeer trotting along under the midnight sun. Hanging over the branches of magnificent pine and spruce trees is beard moss, also called old man’s beard, which is a sign of clean and humid air. A wide variety of rare animals and plants live there.

Over the years, the woodland has become very dear to us. It has given us more than we could have imagined. It has been a place of rest, play, growth, and adventures. It is where we have spent the most unforgettable moments with our family and friends; where our fondest memories come from.

We wanted to give something back. In 2018, we got the idea of bringing a piece of Kaira woodland into every home and workplace – this idea was the birth of Caira.


Caira product design draws its inspiration from the beautiful nature of Lapland. Our product line consists of high quality, stylish and ecological wellness products that are made using the best natural materials, respecting traditional craftsmanship methods.

Our products stand for functionality, ergonomics, ease of care and durability. While enhancing your well-being, they also make beautiful home decor items. You will be able to improve your fitness levels and flexibility; enhance your recovery; relieve aches and pains; and stimulate your brain.


Caira makes ecological fitness and wellness products in Finland. The stylish design of the products means they also add to the decor of the home and the workplace.

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